Best MP3 Player 2021

best mp3 player

I remember the mid-2000’s. Going outside without an MP3 player was like going outside naked. There was something about this device that made it so fantastic. While yesterday’s phones might have had an abundance of features, none were as well defined as today. If you wanted to listen to music, play a game, or view … Read more

Best Bass Headphones 2021

best bass headphones 2021

There’s no single factor that divides music lovers as much as low-end frequencies of audio spectrum aka. bass. While some folks love a balanced or neutral sound signature, others simply prefer headphones and speakers that give a higher bass response. People of both sides give genuine arguments in their favor and it’s an evergreen topic … Read more

Best DAC For Gaming 2021

best dac for gaming

When it comes to gaming, we all mostly focus on the visual aspect of it. However, the full experience involves good audio quality as well. And just like with graphics, you need a good piece of hardware for this to be possible. This is where DAC devices come into play. Short for “digital to analog … Read more

Best DJ Headphones 2021

best dj headphones 2021

These are my recommendations for the best DJ headphones in 2021. Unless you’re new to headphones, you’ll know that all of them are not equal. Apart from their sizes, there’s another factor that differentiates them: their use case. Some headphones are meant to be used while you’re swimming or running. This type of headphones usually … Read more

Best Bookshelf Speakers 2021

best bookshelf speakers 2021

Speakers are an important part of any home audio setup. But not everyone has the budget and room space for those big and expensive floor-standing speakers. Enter the bookshelf speakers. They’re larger than portable speakers but much smaller than floor speakers. Thus, they offer a good balance between size and performance. They’re placed on an … Read more