Best Turntable Under 100

best turntable under 100

Ok, so maybe your friend got a cool looking record player, and you start thinking about buying one for yourself.

Most of the older folk who grew up listening to turntable records gladly ditched them when the CD-s came out, but if you are a fan of the vinyl culture like me, you know they left us something truly unique.

Now, whoever you are or whatever your age is, you can always find a good turntable in 2020, because, let’s be real, records are cool again.

A good set of turntables can be a fantastic investment. The analog sound can’t be replicated in digital formats, making these bad boys so popular around the world.

Best Turntable Under 100 Review Guide

MUSITREND Record Player Vinyl Bluetooth Turntable...
ION Audio Max LP – Vinyl Record Player /...
Best Turntable Under 100
Pyle Vintage Turntable - Retro Vinyl Stereo System...
Innovative Technology VTA-200B MH Victrola...
MUSITREND Record Player Vinyl Bluetooth Turntable...
ION Audio Max LP – Vinyl Record Player /...
Pyle Vintage Turntable - Retro Vinyl Stereo System...
Innovative Technology VTA-200B MH Victrola...
MUSITREND Record Player Vinyl Bluetooth Turntable...
MUSITREND Record Player Vinyl Bluetooth Turntable...
ION Audio Max LP – Vinyl Record Player /...
ION Audio Max LP – Vinyl Record Player /...
Best Turntable Under 100
Pyle Vintage Turntable - Retro Vinyl Stereo System...
Pyle Vintage Turntable - Retro Vinyl Stereo System...
Innovative Technology VTA-200B MH Victrola...
Innovative Technology VTA-200B MH Victrola...

I have a massive admiration for the vinyl culture. Just recently, I have played a Pink Floyd record and compared it to the CD copy. The results are simply outstanding.

Most turntables today don’t have that poppy static sound that old records have, which makes listening to your favorite record clearer.But with new technologies enhancing the old ones, we can be sure that there’s nothing that can go wrong.

Today, we are going to go through the pros and cons of some of the more interesting record players that won’t break your bank.

Jensen JTA-230: Check Price On Amazon

Jensen JTA-230

So let me ask you, Can you imagine a high-quality record player for a low price? Well, let me tell you about the Jensen JTA-230! When I bought this record player for my friend a couple of years ago, he was shocked and surprised at the same time.

He told me that I was insane for buying him this, thinking that it was very expensive, but I just smiled. t’s a great example of how you can get someone an excellent gift under 100$.

This turntable has a lot of qualities, and trust me, with an old vintage design, this bad boy will make your place feel warm when you play it.

I can guarantee that everyone will be impressed. It’s very easy to use, and no setup or added adjustments are required.

But wait, that’s not all!

It has a volume control, tone control, an auto-stop button, and a play button. It also has an AUX input jack for iPod connection, MP3 and other digital audio players, and an outline jack.

The USB cable is included as well. This turntable can play at three speeds: 33/45/78 rpm.

Jensen JTA-230 can also be connected to a personal computer, and it is an excellent device for those who are new to record players. So if you are looking to convert records to a digital format, this baby comes with software just for that occasion.

So you don’t have to worry when your records get scratched or become unusable. You can save all of your greatest hits on your computer or laptop.

To be honest, these speakers on the side are pretty decent, but they are not very loud, so don’t expect to bring the house down. However, you can plug in some heavy speakers, and that feature can quickly get the party started.

Do keep in mind that Jensen JTA-230 doesn’t run on batteries, so you will need to find a plug outlet if you want to play it. So don’t expect to bring it on the road with you when you travel.

Musitrend 3-Speed Turntable: Check Price On Amazon

Musitrend 3-Speed Turntable

For all you who are into wooden design stuff, I have something that will blow your minds. I’m talking about the Musitrend 3-Speed Turntable, a vintage wooden design recorder, and it is incredible. So let’s see what this bad boy’s got.   It’s got a hinged lid with sprung hinges, so the lid stays up when you open it.

It comes with an AC electrical outlet and a cable with RCA plugs and a USB port to hook it into your PC. However, when you separate them apart, you will see a 3.5mm stereo jack.

As a cherry on top, it also comes with an auxiliary input for smartphones, home stereo. And this is a 3-speed turntable that plays 7″ 10″ 12″ vinyl records.

It has a beautiful wooden look that comes with a removable plastic guard on the stylus. It is very useful when you carry your recorder around. It protects the stylus, because, when that thing breaks, the recorder is pretty much useless.

Did I say carry around?

Yes, it’s portable.

So you can enjoy your music anywhere. Impress your friends or that special somebody. Now this puppy comes with a software disk; this allows you to turn all of your favorite albums into MP3 format.

The stereo speakers are built-in, located in front of the recorder, and the sound is out of this world. When I played my favorite record of Deep Purple, “The perfect Strangers,” it felt like I was listening to a live recording of the album.

You don’t have to take my word for it, just plug in your headphones into the headphone jack, and enjoy the show.

However, keep in mind that it’s relatively small for such an impressive unit and, if you want a louder sound, you can hook it up to some speakers for a high definition sound.  

ION Audio Max LP: Check Price On Amazon

ION Audio Max LP

If you are looking for a raw analog sound, then this beast has got you covered.

When I first looked at this beauty of a turntable, I thought to myself, I got to have this, and no, I’m not forcing you to buy it, but I am going to tell you about some key features. This beast has two built-in speakers, but unlike other record players, these speakers are separated from the turntable.

Now hear me out; ION Audio Max LP comes with a clear plastic dust cover; when you close the plastic lid, it separates the hardware from the rest of the turntable.

So, if you have an accident like spilled coffee or something, you can be sure your hardware will be preserved. Now that is convenient.

The arm comes with the lever on the side. When you switch the lever, it lifts up the arm and, when the lever is flipped, it lowers down the arm automatically to your record. And on the back, you got everything else. So, let’s see what we have here.  

Like other vintage recorders, it comes with an audio output, which is the RCA, Aux input, for a 3.5mm jack, and it works at three speeds on 33/45/78 rpm. Right next to that, you have a USB port and a DC power cable, which looks like your standard laptop power cord.

Last but not least, we have the ON/OFF power button that will stick out if it is OFF.

I would like to mention that the design looks like it’s made from a luxurious natural wood finish, but in reality, it usually comes in hard plastic, which is not suitable for the sound. But I will let you be the judge of that.

Pyle Vintage Turntable: Check Price On Amazon

Best Turntable Under 100

Pyle Vintage Turntable

Today, we have many ways to listen to music, whether on Spotify radio or iTunes radio, SD. CD-s and even nowadays, vinyl is coming back and taking over the scene. Wouldn’t it be great if we have a player that can do all that?

Enter Pyle Vintage Turntable.

Unlike other record players, this one is awesome because you can go from vinyl and cassette to an SD card. You can take the sound from that and record it. If you are a radio guy, then you will love the old school classic looking radio. It has a turning knob so you can pick your favorite radio station and it has excellent reception.

It has one flaw when it comes to CD-s; it can play only one CD at a time.

In front, you have the SD slot, a USB port, and if you have roommates or you need to keep things quiet, you can always use a 3.5mm jack input.

There is not much to say about the cassette; very simple, and when you’re done, simply eject it by pressing the button. Now, let’s dive into the record player.

I can play all the classic vinyl, and new vinyl from my favorite bands, like The Beatles, or The Who, and all I have to do is turn on the player, put the needle, and listen to the sounds. It comes in 3 speeds 33/45/78, and with AUX-in jacks so I can play my music from any of my devices.

It doesn’t give out the best sound in the world, but you can be sure that it will not break your bank.

Victrola Innovative Technology VTA-200B: Check Price On Amazon

Victrola Innovative Technology VTA-200B

Ladies and gentlemen, we have here before us a Victrola VTA-200B.

This is a 3-speed ( 33/45/78) turntable designed to satisfy your record playing taste. It’s also a CD and a cassette player. One thing that separates it from the rest here is the Bluetooth feature. Combine that with the FM radio and an analog tuner, and you got yourself a beast.

It comes with built-in stereo speakers, and if you are still not impressed, it has an automatic standing lid.

When looking at the back, we’ve got a line out, for those who want to connect it to a larger stereo system; however, this is optional because it has built-in speakers.  

Like every turntable, it has a built-in cassette player.

In the front panel of the unit, you may notice a vintage knob, and the front panel usually has a glossy surface, but it’s highly reflective, which makes it challenging to film, but it’s cool to look at. The only thing that’s not on this panel is the tape player.

On these three knobs, you can control the volume, the tuning, and change it from CD to Radio. Next to it, there is a switch that you can push from FM to Bluetooth.

As you are tuning, you will notice the dial in the middle will turn, also giving you clear radio frequencies.

What makes it different is that the AUX and the headphone jack are in the front too, and when it comes to controlling the CD, all of the commands like play, pause, record, fast forward are strictly for the CD.

The design is impressive, but some people will say that Victrola VTA-200B is maybe too technological for a particular taste, but if the sound is good, who are we to complain?


Personally, like a turntable lover and a huge vintage fan, it’s hard to pick a personal favorite; I mean seriously, it’s like trying to ask a kid to choose his favorite candy.

But I would like to mention that the Pyle Vintage Turntable stands out above the rest. The reason is straightforward.

Personally, it’s the perfect balance between the old vintage feel and the modern enhancements when combining that with the gothic design and the woodwork.

Combined with the low price, it is the perfect gift for a friend or to use on a special occasion, and I am sure you will agree with me on that. All in all, it is the best turntable under 100 bucks.

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