Best Bone Conduction Headphones 2022

best bone conduction headphones 2021

We often feel like that when we are looking at headphone tech, it is only getting better and better, and often stranger as well. To start with, the concept of bone conduction headphones is definitely a good one but there are some discrepancies that can come in the way, and that is one thing that you should know about.

While they are relatively new in the market, they have managed to make quite a name for themselves, and that too, for all the good reasons. 

Best Bone Conduction Headphones 2022 Buying Guide

Best Bone Conduction Headphones 2021
AfterShokz Aeropex - Open-Ear Bluetooth Bone...
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Phaiser BHS-530 Bluetooth Headphones for Running,...
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However, you do have to know that these headphones are inherently different and they don’t even deliver the same performance you would get from traditional headphones. Therefore, that is another thing that you should be keeping in mind.

Below, we are going to take a look at the best bone conduction headphone available in the market. If you are looking for something good, this is the list for you.

Benefits of Bone Conduction Headphones

Considering how bone conduction headphones work on a different principle to deliver sound, they are inherently different, but they do pose some amount of benefits. 

Just a disclaimer, however, if you are expecting the same sound quality from these headphones as you would from the standard over-ear or in-ear headphones, then things do play differently here.

With that out of the way, we can start looking at the benefits below, so you know what you should be going for and what you should be avoiding.

The Situational Awareness Increases 

Considering how the bone conduction headphones do not necessarily set on top of your ears, the outside noise and sound is not blocked at all; this means that if you are commuting or you are sitting in a room full of people, or even when you are traveling, these headphones do provide you with the situational awareness.

The same situational awareness is more or less absent from the standard set of headphones available in the market, and that is why, this is an important factor that you should not really overlook because it is actually really good. 

Comfortable for a Lot of People 

Just like sound, comfort is extremely subjective for most people when you are talking about headphones in general. 

However, the thing is that if you get tired of having something inside your ears for longer periods of times, or you are just tired of having something sit on top of your head for extended period of time, then going for bone conduction headphones is definitely a good idea and should not disappoint you in any way whatsoever.

That being said, if you are looking for something comfortable, these headphones definitely take the cake as they are among the more comfortable alternatives available in the market. But again, this is something that is largely subjective because not everyone feels that way.

A Different Listening Experience 

Another thing about these headphones is that they are offering a different listening experience, and that is what some people actually look forward to. You are not going to have to worry about any issues that might come in your way, and you will be able to enjoy the music really, really well, too. 

However, before you go ahead and splurge on these headphones, we would highly advise you that you test these headphones out because that is one of the most important things.

Who Needs Bone Conduction Headphones

Now that you are aware of just who is going to benefit from these headphones, the next step is to start looking at just who is going to need these headphones, in the first place. 

This is technical for a lot of people because headphones are largely subjective. Still, we are going to take a look at these factors because it is an important thing that we look at these things so we can have a better understanding about it at the same time.

Below, we are going to talk about a few instances where bone conduction headphones can be really, really useful for you.

People With an Active Lifestyle 

If you are someone who generally leads an active lifestyle, then going for these headphones might be the right thing to do. 

Whether you go for a jog every morning, or you are working out in the gym, having spatial awareness is one of the most important things that you will have to go through. 

And the best part is that you can easily distinguish between the sounds from outside as well as the sound that is coming from the headphones. Allowing you to run or work out without any fear of running into some issue.

People Who Commute Often 

Another use of these headphones is for people who commute or travel often. Taking your headphones off every time there is an announcement, or every time you have to cross the road, or something similar to that is a nuisance that not many people are fond of.

However, with bone conduction headphones, you do not have to worry about that as you can just wear them and forget that they were there in the first place because you will be able to hear everything.

For Someone Who Wants Something Unique 

If you are tired of the tried and true headphones available in the market, now is the time to switch things up and go for something different. 

This is where things get interesting. You have to be sure that you are getting the best of both worlds in the market, and you do not have to struggle between anything that could come in the way, either.

Just try these headphones out before you go ahead and buy them so you know what you are getting your hands on. 

You do not want to make the wrong purchase just because you thought that you would actually like these headphones, in the first place. It is just one of the things that I will always tell you about because it is important to consider

Best Bone Conduction Headphones 2022 Review Guide

AfterShokz Aeropex: Check Price On Amazon

Best Bone Conduction Headphones 2022

AfterShokz Aeropex

The first product on our list is the AfterShokz Aeropex Open-Ear Wireless, and for those who do not know, AfterShokz is one of the first companies to introduce such headphones in the market, and they have made some great improvement, as well. 

Therefore, you really do not have to worry about not getting something good. They have been tirelessly working on improving their products, and are continuing to do so. How good are these headphones? That’s what we are looking to see.

The headphones come with a comfortable and lightweight frame; the upper register is not just clear but also very clean, the earphones also happen to be fully dust and water resistant, and if you are looking for good battery life, you are definitely going to get that from these babies. 

Considering how the design is open-ear, you won’t have to worry about compromised spatial awareness either.

Moving onto the downside, you have the usual suspects, to be honest, The earphones do not offer the same level of details in instruments or bass, for that matter. 

Wearing these for longer periods might give you a bit of fatigue, so that is another thing that you have to keep in mind whenever you are investing in these earphones.

Overall, the AfterShokz Aeropex Open-Ear Wireless are definitely a worthy choice for whoever is in the market for good pair of bone conduction headphones.


  • The headphones are light and comfortable.
  • The upper register of these headphones is clear as well as open.
  • You are getting fully dust and water resistant design.
  • The battery life is pretty great.
  • You are getting an open-ear design.


  • The headphones lag in instrumental and bass detail.
  • You get minor fatigue over long listening period.

Pyle PSWBT550: Check Price On Amazon

Pyle PSWBT550

If you are surprised as to why most of the companies you are looking at in this list are relatively new, then you have to know that it is because most of the traditional headphone companies never really came out with bone conduction options, so most of the companies you see here are different.

With that out of the way, we are looking at the Pyle Bluetooth Bone Conduction Sport Headphones.

For starters, you are getting a headphone that has an IP6X rating, so you do not have to worry about work out sessions ending in a bad headphone or something along those lines. You are actually getting a pretty great battery life, too, which is actually really impressive, as well. 

The sound quality as well is amazing so you are not really losing a lot of money here.

As far as the downsides are concerned, the only issue that I did run into an issue with the headphones is that the headphones take 4 hours to charge fully, which is not ideal for most of the situations you are in.

Overall, the Pyle Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headphones are pretty great for the money, they do deliver fantastic performance, and the best part is that you really do not have to worry much about what is good and what is not. The value for money is pretty great here and that is something you cannot avoid at all.


  • The sound quality is pretty great.
  • Long battery life.
  • IP6X rating.


  • Long charge time.

Vidonn F1 Headphones: Check Price On Amazon

Vidonn F1

You are going to find a lot of wonderful and surprising options when you are looking at the bone conduction headphones that are available in the market. The good thing is that you can easily get the ones that you want without running into any issue. 

The one we are looking at today is called the Vidonn F1 Bone Conduction Headphones, they are fairly popular, to say the least, and the best part is that you can easily get the performance you want from them without sacrificing a lot. How good are these headphones? Let’s look.

Right out of the box, one of the best thing about these headphones is just how comfortable they are. I have used a lot of headphones in the past, especially the bone conduction ones, and it is hard to find something this comfortable, making this a very, very impressive option in the market. 

Another great thing is the pricing, of course. Considering how the market is slowly becoming more and more and more saturated, it is good to see such an attractive price tag. 

Another great thing is that the sound is actually a lot clearer than you might think, in the first place. Especially when you are listening to music, or even making calls.

As for the things that are less than ideal, I would suggest you that you look at the fact that the bass or the overall sound is not as dynamic as you might hope for. 


  • The sound quality is clear both during music and during calls.
  • The build quality ls light and comfortable.
  • The headphones are priced excellently despite the saturated market.


  • The bass and the overall bass is not as dynamic.

Phaiser BHS-530: Check Price On Amazon

Best Bone Conduction Earbuds 2022

Phaiser BHS-530

Phaiser is another company that have been coming up with some pretty impressive bone conduction headphones ever since they stepped into the market. This is certainly a good thing because we all love a healthy dose of competition and that is the way to go with these headphones as well. 

Keeping that in mind, if you are looking for a good pair of headphones. With that said, we are reviewing the Phaiser BHS-530. Therefore, let’s not waste more time and have a look at how these headphones perform, in the first place.

For starters, you are getting a sweatproof design, which certainly is a great thing to have. The quality is sound is surprisingly good, and you are getting a lifetime warranty along with it, as well. Last but not the least, the headphones also come with Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity, which is always good to have. 

As far as the downsides are concerned, there is not much to complain about, in the first place. However, there are a few things that I would like to point out here. For starters, the battery life is average at best, and the build quality is largely plastic, so that is something that you have to keep in mind at all costs.

Overall, if you are looking for a great pair of bone conduction headphones that is also on the cheaper end, then you should definitely invest in the Phaiser BHS-530 because they are impressive in every single way.


  • The headphones offer a sweat proof design.
  • The sound quality is pretty solid.
  • You get a lifetime warranty.
  • Bluetooth 4.1 results in smooth connectivity.


  • The battery life is average at best.
  • Built quality is largely plastic.

AfterShokz Titanium Open-Ear: Check Price On Amazon

AfterShokz Titanium Open-Ear

There is no denying that when we are talking about good bone conduction AfterShockz is one of those companies who are always delivering some really great options in the market. 

And the best thing about them is that they are a great value for money, so if it is a good price to performance you are looking for, these are the ones that you should be looking at. 

Today, we are reviewing the AfterShokz Titanium Open-Ear, and these will be the closing headphones on our list. Are they any good? Let’s find out.

To start with things that are good, you are getting increased awareness because you will be able to hear things that are happening in the outside world. 

The increased awareness is definitely good when you are talking about environments such as gyms and offices, too. The design is pretty flexible and lightweight, making these earphones a practical choice, too. 

As far as the things that I did not like, the neck strap is on the looser side, you can feel excessive vibrations from the mechanics, and the battery life is average at best. Not to mention, there is some amount of sound leakage.

Overall, if you are looking for something that is not only affordable, but actually reliable, too. Then going for the AfterShokz Titanium Open-Ear is not a bad idea, as long as you are fully aware of the fact about these headphones, you are going to be good to go.


  • The increased awareness works wonders.
  • Great for office and gym environments.
  • Lightweight and comfortable design.


  • The neck strap is loose.
  • You can feel the vibration at times.
  • The battery life is short.
  • There is some sound leakage.


There is no denying that bone conduction headphones are relatively new in the market, this leads to people having mixed feelings about it. 

They still have time before they mature, but one thing that we can say with complete conviction is that these headphones are here to stay and will be delivering the performance you expect from them, in the first place.

Rest assured, you won’t be disappointed when it comes to these headphones at all as they are amazing in almost every aspect that you can imagine.

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