Best Bluetooth Headphones Under 100

best bluetooth headphones under 100

This is the roundup review for the best Bluetooth headphones under 100 bucks.

Unless you’re new to headphones, you know that their cost can vary from $20 to $1000+.

But you want to be somewhere in the middle, where you can have a balance between your budget and quality.

The $100 is a good area for this balance. This is where you can find good quality headphones at a reasonable price.

Best Bluetooth Headphones Under 100 Reviewed

The best Bluetooth headphones under 100 right now are Jabra Elite 45h.

But since many people don’t prefer on-ear headphones, I have turned it into a roundup and included neckband and over ear headphones as well. So you can have best bluetooth headphones under $100 for every category.

Jabra Elite 45h: Check Price On Amazon

Best Bluetooth Headphones Under 100

The first headphones we’re going to talk about are the Jabra Elite 45h.

There’s nothing exceptional to write about in the design, but all the bases are covered from the functionality point of view.

It weighs only 160g meaning you’re good to go for continuous hours of playback. The ear pads come with a leatherette covering while the headband is covered with the soft, rubbery material for a good fit.

The earpads’ leatherette is perforated from the middle which makes it look unique as well as donates the left and right earcups.

The controls can be found on the right earcup. These include a power/pairing button, a multi-purpose button for call/track management, and a volume control button on either side. These volume controls can also be used for track changing.

I would personally like some sort of differentiation between these buttons because they all feel and look the same. And it would require a few days of accidental presses before you getting used to these controls.

On the other side of the right earcup is the button for Siri/Alexa/Google Assistant – depending on which platform you’re on.

These ear cups can be swiveled flat to be fit in the pouch it comes with.

It’s available in several colors, but I would prefer the copper black version because the copper details look good with the black.

Elite 45h comes with a 40mm sound driver in each earcup. These drivers allow 45H to produce accurate sound frequencies with a good soundstage, but clarity is average.

The vocals are louder than bass, so you’ll enjoy vocal-heavy soundtracks.

Bass production is accurate as well but you’ll not get in an oomph as you do in bass-heavy headphones. To amplify the bass, you can use different presets or create a custom EQ through Jabra’s Sound+ app.

Jabra has marketed these headphones to have 50 hours of battery life but it can vary greatly depending on how loud you’ve listened to music with them.

They also support fast charging where a charge of 15 minutes enables them to last for up to 10 hours.

Being an on ear headphones pair, sound isolation is mediocre and you get a lot of outside noise in your music. Some of your music can leak outside as well, which makes it unsuitable for traveling.

The other thing I don’t like here is the lack of AptX codec (SBC and AAC are supported though) and unreliable multipoint connectivity.

On the other hand, I liked their lightweight nature and good microphone quality.

JBL LIVE 400BT: Check Price On Amazon

JBL LIVE 400BT is a good cheaper alternative to Jabra 45H.

Its PU leather ear cups can be swiveled and have been designated the “L’ and R indicators from the inside. The headband has a good amount of fabric lining and padding from the inside.

The build quality is decent for the price. And things like metal hinges, flexible headband, and thin metal frame make it sturdy.

The smaller profile and collapsible earcups make the 400BT quite portable.

You get a lot of color options here but most of them will look cheaper due to the plastic build. That’s why I would recommend you go with the black one.

Due to being an on-ear pair, they come with small earcups that sit on top of your ear and it makes them less comfortable for longer usage.

On the other hand, these smaller earcups make your ears breathable so they don’t get too hot.

The control scheme is pretty straightforward and easy to use. These buttons are easy to locate and feel clicky.

The 400BT features a deep and consistent bass which makes it sound good for genres like hip hop and EDM.

You get good treble and a well-defined midrange as well, but the bass is slightly overpowered and it can be annoying in some music genres.

The treble response is well-balanced and won’t sound harsh for most of us. Due to its on-ear nature though, the soundstage and noise isolation is below average.

The battery life is rated for 24-hour usage which is good but not exceptional for the price you’re paying.

Creative Aurvana Trio Wireless: Check Price On Amazon

As of now, we have discussed two on-ear headphones in this roundup.

So for the sake of change, the next headphones we’ll talk about comes with a neckband: Creative Aaurvana trio Wireless.

On the right side of the neckband, you’ll find the volume controls and power button, alongside the micro USB charging port.

It weighs only 40 grams and is only 40 cm long from the top to the eartips. This makes it a very comfortable and portable pair of headphones.

These earbuds are magnetic. They can be clasped and stay together around the neck when not in your use.

Unlike other headphones targeted towards running or gym usage, the Trio Wireless features a neutral sound with clear differentiation in lows, mids, and highs.

The two balanced armature drivers ensure detail mids and highs, while a dynamic driver makes the bass clean.

The sound carries excellent detail and clarity but a side effect of it is the bad experience you’ll get from a low-quality mp3 recording. So make sure your audio has a higher bitrate.

In case you don’t like the default sound, there’s a lot of customization options (such as bass and treble sliders) in the companion super X-Fi Mobile App.

All the latest Bluetooth codecs such as SBC, aptX HD, aptX LL are supported and you get multipoint connectivity as well.

The only downside I found in these headphones the lack of any IPX rating (so no protection against dust and water) that you usually get in other neckband headphones.

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