Best Bass Headphones 2021

best bass headphones 2021

Bass heads are everywhere, while there are people who prefer headphones that has a balanced sound signature, not everyone feels the same. That is why, they opt for more bass oriented headphones that are a lot more common in the market, and truth be told, there is nothing wrong with such headphones, it is just made for a very specific crowd.

If you are in the market looking for headphones that deliver excellent bass, you are at the right spot as we are bringing you this list and will be exploring the best possible headphones available in the market. Below, you can see the best bass headphones that are currently available in the market, and make your choice.

Best Bass Headphones 2021 Review Guide

All these headphones are meticulously picked, and we can assure you that if you are looking for excellent performance, you are going to get that without any issues whatsoever.

Sony WH-1000XM3: Check Price On Amazon

Best Bass Headphones 2021 Overall

Sony WH-1000XM3 Wireless

There is no denying that Sony has done an excellent job at keeping their legacy alive by pushing out excellent sounding headphones for years.

Sony is one of the companies that despite having so many departments, the company has been delivering excellent options back to back.

Today, we are looking at the Sony WH-1000XM3 Wireless as it is one of the flagship headphones by Sony, and while Sony does not market them as a bass heavy pair of headphones, they have some nice tricks up their sleeves.

So, what is so good about these headphones? Well, to start with the good things, the noise cancellation on these headphones is excellent. 

Sound quality is something that you cannot even stress about because it is just too good; granted, it is not all bass heavy, but you are going to find some amazing frequency response across the border, and the quick attention mode is another excellent feature to have.

One of the most impressive things about this pair of headphone is the fact that you are getting 30 hour of battery life.

This is great for people who want to be able to use these headphones without any issues, and in all honesty, even if you listen to music for 4 hours a day, you would still have some battery left for the next day, which is impressive.

As far as the downsides are concerned, I honestly cannot be bothered by this headphone. I only wish Sony had included better microphones to improve the call quality because that is a hit and miss.

Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless: Check Price On Amazon

Best High-End Bass Headphones 2021

Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless

Sennheiser is just one of those companies that do not need any introduction. They have been around for a long time and have a history of some excellent products throughout the years. 

The great thing is that they cater to all user types, so you are never really left behind. Today, we are looking at the Sennheiser Momentum 3 wireless as they are among the best options available in the market. How do they fair in this saturated market or category? Let’s look at it.

For starters, if you are looking for headphones that make you feel the music, this is the way to go. I know it might sound like an exaggeration, but the good news here is that you are getting excellent performance through and through. 

Sennheiser has added some neat features in this pair, assuring everyone that you won’t have any issues when it comes to the overall usability. Another great thing is the noise cancellation that you are getting on these, as it happens to be one of the more effective ones. 

As for what is lacking, the one thing that I did not like about this pair of headphones is that the battery life is subpar, at best. This is definitely an alarming situation, and can easily become a deal breaker for a lot of people who are interested in buying these headphones. 

Overall, the Sennheiser Momentum 3 wireless is a great pair of wireless headphones for the money, and they deliver excellent sound quality, especially when we are talking about the bass response, they are hard to beat at the price.

Plantronics Backbeat 2: Check Price On Amazon

Best Bass Headphones 2021 Under 200

Plantronics Backbeat 2 Pro

I have to be honest with you about Plantronics, they have been here for some time, but the one thing that you need to know about them is that they are more common for their ear pieces rather than their full sized headphones but that does not mean that they are not going to deliver excellent headphones. 

That is not what the company is about. Today, we are looking at the Plantronics Backbeat 2 Pro 2016 as they are among the best. So, let’s have a look.

The good thing is that these headphones have an excellent sound quality that even I was surprised to experience; at the cost you are bearing, they are excellent. The headphones are extremely comfortable, and most importantly, the noise cancellation is decent and you should not have any reason to complain given the price tag. 

Another strong aspect about this headphone is the battery life that you are getting. Moving on to more good things; I absolutely love the fact that this actually works really, really well as a headset, and you are even getting a carrying pouch with this headset, which just adds ups to the value.

The one thing that some might not like about this headphone is the slightly heavy build quality and the overall looks which are a bit industrial.

Overall, the Plantronics Backbeat 2 Pro 2016 are definitely excellent value for money, and delivery spectacular performance, too. I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed at all

Jaybird Tarah Pro Wireless: Check Price On Amazon

Best Bass Earphones 2021

Jaybird Tarah Pro Wireless

Jaybird has made some excellent innovations when you are talking about earphones that are oriented towards an active lifestyle. 

Not a lot of companies can do that and get away with it, but they are doing an excellent job with it, and are continuing to improve, as well. The Jaybird Tarah Pro Wireless is a clear example of just how good they are, and we are glad to have them on our list.

The great thing about these earphones is that for someone who loves running and working out, these earphones are excellent and the battery life is brilliant. 

You are even getting a personalized audio profile, which is excellent to have, and the device actually powers down when you are not using it. Another great thing is the Jaybird app, which is easy to use and super convenient.

Not everything is excellent, though. There are some minor hiccups that we would like to discuss.

For starters, the earphones use a three point charging connector rather than what is standard, you cannot control the level of ambient noise either, and you might have to spend time adjusting to the ear tips that are included. AI is also something that could use some improvement.

Overall, the Jaybird Tarah Pro Wireless are definitely the earphones if you have an active life style nad you are looking for earphones that sound great and have a great performance, as well. 

Granted, they are earphones but they deliver an excellent sound quality and that is what should matter.

Anker Soundcore Life 2 Wireless: Check Price On Amazon

Best Bass Headphones 2021 Under 100

Anker Soundcore Life 2 Wireless

When you talk about Anker, you are normally talking about their amazing power banks, chargers, and charging cables. 

However, not a lot of people know that the company is a lot more than these products. The fact that they have some excellent earphones and headphones available in the market is just a testament to the fact that Anker is doing some amazing work, and has been at it for some time now.

With that out of the way, today, we are looking at the Anker SoundCore Life 2 wireless headphones, and there are a lot of good things about these headphones. For starters, the headphones are comfortable for longer periods, the comfort level is actually pretty great, and you are getting excellent battery life, as well.

Another great thing here is that the sound output is pretty amazing, which is pretty great to have. The overall construction of these headphones is pretty solid, but that is something we have already expected from Anker as their products are always great when it comes to how they are built.

As far as the downsides are concerned, there are not a lot of things to hate here. For starters, the active noise cancellation is average at best, and the fact that you do not get any companion app is something that you should keep in mind.

Overall, the Anker SoundCore Life 2 wireless are pretty great for the price you are paying. Granted, they are among the more affordable options available in the market but still, the performance is on par for the price you are paying.

Superlux HD-681 Pro: Check Price On Amazon

Best Bass Headphones 2021 Under 50

Superlux HD 681 Pro

Normally when you are looking at headphones, the renowned companies are the ones that we often look at, ignoring the ones that are on the budget. While there is nothing wrong with it, this does leave some great options ignored as well. However, the good thing is that with SUPERLUX HD 681 EVO, we are looking to change things up a bit.

Now, moving onto the headphones, the good news is that the audio is excellent for what you are paying here. 

The bass is rich, and there are a lot of details included in the headphones, as well. You are getting a detachable cable, which is a pretty sweet addition, and on top of that, the company even includes replacement ear pads so you do not have to worry about anything going wrong after a while. 

There is not a lot to dislike about this otherwise great headphone, but there are some things that you must know. For starters, the cable does not come with an in-line remote, and the overall build quality is not what you would want.

Overall, I have to say that the Superlux HD 681 EVO are definitely a great value proposition, granted, they are not the best of both worlds and the way they are made won’t win then a lot of awards either, but if you are looking for something that comes with a great value, this is the way to go.


For the bass heads, choosing the right headphone is a must because the one thing they always want is a good sounding bass. 

If you are not getting that, there is no point to even buy the headphones, in the first place. Thankfully, by choosing one of any of the headphones that we have reviewed, you will not run into any issues whatsoever. 

Just make sure that you have done your research in the best possible way, so your purchase does not end up in regret.

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